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Right to Privacy with special reference to HIV/AIDS patients
Year of Publish -2020
Month - March
ISBN : - 978-93-86785-37-4
Download : - ****


The privacy is that area of a man’s life which in any given circumstance a reasonable man with an understanding of the legitimate needs of the community would think it wrong to invade. Privacy as a concept involves what privacy entails and how it is to be valued. Privacy as a right involves the extent to which privacy is (and should be legally protected). “The law does not determine what privacy is, but only what situations of privacy will be afforded legal protection.” The right against unsanctioned invasion of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals is part of many countries privacy law and in some cases, constitutions. Almost all countries have law which in some way limits privacy. Privacy may be voluntarily sacrificed, normally in exchange for perceived benefits and very often with specific dangers and losses. Although this is a very strategic view of human relationship.

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