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Dr. Monika Sharma
Year of Publish -2020
Month - February
ISBN : - 978-93-86785-36-7
Download : - ****


Planning of finances is essential for each and every one. Person has to plan that how much he has to spend on current transactions and how much he has to save. So some part of his income he spends and remaining income he will invest. Person may invest his money in bank, insurance or by purchasing shares, debentures and mutual funds i.e., stock exchange. But when he invests in stock exchange he may have more risk. India is an `information ally weak market’. Boosting capital market demands restoring the confidence of lay investors who have been beaten down by repeated scams.It is very difficult and herculean task for the regulators to prevent the scams in the markets considering the great difficulty in regulating and monitoring each and every segment of the financial markets and the same is true for the Indian regulator also.Many banks sponsored mutual fund had launched assured return schemes and lured the investor''s huge contribution. However at the time of maturity could not match the assured return. Sponsored bank also tried to raise their hands eg. Canara Bank, Indbank, State Bank etc. Campaigned and fought heavily the matter with the SEBI / mutual fund / finance ministry and APJEM.Progressively softening interest rates and an underperforming economy have eroded investment options, and require enhanced investing skills.

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